About Products

  • How to plan a budget when buying a diamond ring?

    The international consumer trend is that the average customer generally uses the price equivalent to their 3-month salary as the reference for the purchase of a wedding ring. Suggest that new people can assess their own ability to budget in advance to pick the right jewelry collection.
  • There are already diamonds, can only be made as a stand?

    Welcome to your shop with your diamond consultation, sales consultants will evaluate your diamonds and provide you with suitable mosaic suggestions.
  • What is the material of the banquet?Can I change the metal on the stage?

    Mainly used to highlight the diamond platinum Pt950, depending on customer needs can also use rose gold or gold.
  • Custom new ring required number of working days?

    Making a ring takes about 4 to 5 weeks. (Some styles and sizes take 5 to 6 weeks.) To organize a wedding, it is recommended that you prepare at least 3 months before the wedding.

    About diamonds

  • How to choose a diamond for the first time?

    Whether the diamond's color, cutting style, size and style are suitable for your finger type.
    Counter personnel can provide you with methods and styles or price suggestions for diamond selection. Welcome to visit the Ou Libao counter.
  • Can diamonds recover if they have scratches?

    If the diamonds are scratched, the diamonds may scratch each other during collection. If you want to recover, you must remove the diamonds from the pedestal and re-grind the facets, but there may be weight loss.
  • Is the diamond ring dirty with a cloth or is it good?

    The diamond is the hardest gemstone. It is no problem to wipe the diamond with a cloth of general material, but pay attention to whether the fabric has an influence on the K gold. You can also choose to use toilet paper, but it is easy to have cotton on the claws when wiping, so pay special attention.

    About service

  • How to make an appointment?

    Please complete the online booking form and wait for customer service to confirm the time with you.
  • Is there a free choice of customized services?

    You can find your favorite styles on the counter or in the catalog, and you can choose the size of the diamond according to your budget. The grades are lathe, and then they are combined into custom diamond rings exclusively for you.
  • In addition to the original purchase shop, you can also enjoy after-sales service in other outlets?

    Holding a guarantee of goods, you can visit Aurogem Jewelry Counter
  • Is there a service for lettering?

    As long as it comes personally to any counter in Ou Li Bao, there is a lettering service.
  • Will the purchase of diamonds be accompanied by an international certification?

    To shop on the Olibao Jewelry Cabinet, each gemstone has a guarantee as an identity card for each natural diamond. In addition to our own certificate, the precious gemstones also have double appraisal books, so that each customer can buy more peace of mind.
    The certificates attached to the company include certificates issued by internationally recognized organizations such as EGL、GRS、 GIA.

    About maintenance

  • Maintenance of jewelry

    ◆ Since the hardness of various types of precious stones and jewellery is different, they will rub against each other and wear out. Therefore, when they are not worn, they should be separately placed in a jewelry box to avoid collision.
    ◆ Frequently worn jewellery should be inspected approximately once every six months to check if the claw ends of the jewels are worn and loose and if necessary, they must be refurbished.
  • Pearl care

    ◆ Pearls need fresh air and moisture and should be worn and breathed every few months. Pearls are placed in the box for a long time, and the airtight colors tend to yellow.
    ◆ Since the hardness of pearls is only 21/2 to 41/2, it should not be put together with other jewelry so as not to scratch the skin.
    ◆ The surface of the pearl has small pores, so it will inhale hair gel, perfume and other things. So don't wear beautiful pearls to the beauty salon.
  • Pearl cleaning

    ◆ Do not use commercially available jewelry cleaners to clean your pearls.
    ◆ Do not use detergents such as bleach, soap powder, detergent, baking soda, etc.
    ◆ Most jewellery cleaners contain 〝Amonia 〞, which will make the beads worse and the gloss fade.
    ◆ After being worn, it must be carefully wiped with a wet soft towel and then air dried and put back in place. It is best to wipe the beads with wool. (Don't use face paper, because the face paper contains chemical ingredients, it will hurt the bead
  • Diamond Care

    ◆ Diamonds have an unusual affinity for oils. Dirty diamonds have more noticeable inclusions, so proper cleaning and maintenance are required to make them shine for a long time.
  • Diamond cleaning

    ◆ Prepare soft-bristled brushes, small boxes, and detergents at home. After tapping the surface of the diamond or gemstone, rinse with light water.
    ◆ If grease has accumulated for a long time and general cleaning methods cannot wash it off, dilute it with half a cup of 〝Arnonian blister with a proper amount of water, immerse the diamond for half an hour, and then wash it with a brush.
    ◆ Regularly sent to a well-known jewellery company, where professionals use professional equipment for cleaning inspectio